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Bloodbowl Fan Concept

Storyboards for a theoretical animated TV show, based on the fantasy football game Bloodbowl, made by Games Workshop. This is the intro to the proof of concept, with a summary of the world told by the hosts of an in-universe sport show.


Storyboards for a 2D animated short in progress called Necromance! The film features a lonely necromancer who revives a zombie... in order to take them out on a romantic date.

Sheep's Clothing

Final boards for my 2D animated short film, Sheep's Clothing. The film features a gentle wolf cub and a rough and tumble lamb who feel out of

place in their original homes and decide to trade places.


These are the final boards for a class assignment done at SCAD Atlanta. The assignment consisted of taking a figure from history and boarding out a small sequence about them. I chose the story of Freydis, a wife of a viking who, while 8 months pregnant, turned the tide of a losing battle and inspired the crew to fight and eventually win.

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