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The Main Trio

Sam the Necromancer

Ash the Zombie

Rami the Vampire

This late popstar used to be the biggest celebrity in the music world, but his new situation has revealed how shy he truly is.


 Ash takes a lot of inspiration from 80s pop stars, especially more androgynous performers and boy band dynamics. I also wanted it to be very obvious that they're undead, but not necessarily scary looking. Ash is a corpse, but they're not a monster.

Surprisingly lively and cheerful in light of their career choice, Sam is always eager to make a new friend! But sometimes their loneliness results in more selfish decisions.

Their design is intentionally vague, to exude the energy of various mysterious hooded figures (cultists, dark sorcerers, etc) but their outgoing personality is shown through their eyes and body language.

While they don't reveal themselves (and their feelings) until the very end, this reserved but sweet bat would love to talk to the cute little hooded figure that keeps visiting the graveyard.

Rami takes inspiration from both Nosferatu and bats in general. Their big ears and chunky arms are supposed to continue the bat silhouette even in his more humanoid form. His nose is just like a vampire bat's!

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